Thalkorr by woodzilla
Height 100 meters
Weight 50,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Title The Desert Abomination
Combat Style Melee
Primary Attacks Teeth, Claws
Secondary Attacks Tail, Wings
Primary Weapon Sun Beam
Secondary Weapon Venom Spew, Death Rattle
Energy Style Stamina


Thalkorr is a desert hybrid of a Gila Monster, a Desert Bat, and a Rattlesnake that was artificially created by scientists as an anti-kaiju weapon, but he proved impossible to control, and he killed his creators.


In the midst of the kaiju war, a group of desperate scientists were trying to develop an anti-kaiju weapon. After a mech was mind controlled by a hostile alien race, the scientists believed mechs could not be trusted and decided to make their own kaiju. They decided on a hybrid, and chose the Gila Monster for it's strength and venom, the desert bat for it's flight and agility, and the rattlesnake for it's infamous rattle. They started testing at their lab in the Sonoran Desert. After successfully making a crossbreed between the three animals, the scientists placed the creature out in the desert, far away from their lab, to drop a nuclear bomb on him. Thalkorr soon became kaiju sized, but impossible to control. Thalkorr destroyed the lab, killing his creators, and headed towards civilization.

Energy SystemEdit

Thalkorr regains energy slowly over time.

Ranged CombatEdit

Thalkorr can fire a Sun Beam from his mouth and spew venom from his mouth. He can also shake his rattlesnake tail so fast that it generates a sonic beam meant to slice through other kaiju.


Thalkorr has great upper body strength, easily able to lift other kaiju his own size.

Melee CombatEdit

Thalkorr is no pushover in melee combat, and can attack with his claws and teeth for edged damage, and his tail and wings for blunt damage.


Thalkorr has little weaknesses besides his lack of good damage potential. The only weapon that does good raw damage is his Sun Beam, his Venom Spew deals a majority of the damage over time and is easy to dodge, and the Death Rattle is used to slice through opponents and deals no knockback whatsoever.