The grey

Height: 78 meters

Weight: 38,000 tons

Gender: Male

Combat Style: Melee

Primary Attacks: Charge, Swat

Secondary Attacks: Knuckle Slap, Body Slam, Bearhug, Dropkick

Primary Weapons: Telekinetic Push, Weak Telekinetic Pulse

Secondary Weapons: Strong Telekinetic Pulse

Energy Style: Stamina


The Grey is a gorilla-like, primitive grey alien with large orange eyes, and travels by knuckle walking.


When the humanoids first began to roam the Earth, a large being suddenly appeared as well. Humans saw the large gray creature as a god and paid tribute to it, worshiping it. And in return, The Grey stood by early man, protecting them from the other large and terrifying beasts that roamed the land, lashing out with a primal fury against anything that challenged him. But suddenly, as quickly as he came, The Grey disappeared… Now, he’s returned once more! The times have changed, and now The Grey is no longer seen as a god towards man anymore, at least not the military anyway, he must try to survive in a world who left him behind, against man and beast this time!

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