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Size: 38 meters

weight: 5000 tons

Powers: A flamming breath coming out of the left head and a breath of ice coming out of the right, A poison secrets from each of her tentacles capable of paralyzing for only a couple of seconds, (More powers to come into the future)

fighting style: Med-short range.

Origin: Long ago there were many beasts of legends, but none were more feared then the hounds. Orthrus was a two headed hound and brother to cerberus who had three heads and a snake for a tail, Scylla the women with octopus tentacles and wolf heads, Fenrir the wolf of gigantic size, Garmr the four eyed hound who protects the underworld, Skoll the wolf who chases the sun and finally Haiti the wolf who chases the moon. All of these hounds were among some of the favorite beasts from mythology of a young aspiring sorceror. One day he had decided he must create a beast to protect him from the rampaging kaiju like how cerberus and garmr had protected the underworld. He collected ancient relics each one some how related to each beast these items could range from a piece of hair to even a drop of blood. Once all he had collected all the pieces he used the body of a female wolf to piece them all together, and brought the great beast to life. Only problem was... The beast held no aliegence twords him, and only sought to protect what it saw as it's territory and devoured the sorceror whole. Now this beast senses a great threat coming ever so closer...

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