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I can't figure out enough names!
Height: 90

Weight: 50,000

Gender: male

Combat Style: varied

Primary Attacks: Hand Claws, ram

Secondary Attacks: flame breath, Teeth

Primary Weapon: napalm spit

Secondary Weapon: wrath of the sun

Energy Style: ???

Origin: A monster hunter in Greece, he was commander of a great fleet of ships and a small army. one day he hunted a kraken sent by Neptune to destroy a port that caught to many fish and wasted them, Neptune in his rage destroyed the fleet and gave the Kraken the power to walk on land and it destroyed his city, killing his family. swearing vengeance he pleaded to Apollo for help, after completing 12 challenges the final being the slaying of a chimera he was reformed as a massive beast able to exact its revenge not only on the monster that killed his family but on the Gods themselves. Energy System: up for suggestion, thinking of it absorbing power from the son Ranged Combat: can spit fire from primary head and a napalm like trail from its snake head. they are med ranged Grappling: he will grab the enemy and pull them into a head butt knocking them flat Melee Combat:with his agility he attacks with his paws and teeth or charges with his strong horns Weaknesses: Is not the strongest of kaiju and is without long range attacks. He must move from med and close range to be effective, not remaining in one place for long

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