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Height: 90 meters Weight: 40,000 metric tons Gender: Male Combat Style: Melee Primary Attacks: Horn charge, Combo strike Secondary Attacks: Tail slam Primary Weapon: Horn Katana's Secondary Weapon: Shockwave Energy Style: Nuclear

Overview: Tricerack is the bio-engineered self defense weapon made by the nations of Earth to stop the increasing Kaiju threats. Tricerack swiftly attacks using melee combo's to stun his opponents, never afraid to tuck his head down and charge. Tricerack is mainly pipedal, but at times he walks/runs on all fours.

Origin: Late in the century the nations of Earth decided to try a different approach to combating Kaiju. For years they used the good ole' military and Mech's. Even though Mech's were successful, they required much maintenance and were often only good for one fight. So the worlds best scientist worked for years engineering the first genetically engineered monster. Taking the DNA of a Triceratops and the worlds strongest Kaiju, then irradiating it they created a new Kaiju, Tricerack! Using new advance technology scientist programmed natural senses in Tricerack's brain to defend the Earth whenever foreign Kaiju invade. Because of this he has great determination and will to defend the Earth at all costs. Using old Mech's and robots the United Nations trained Tricerack for years in combat. Tricerack now awaits his chance to put his training to the ultimate test against an enemy Kaiju.......

Energy System: Simply put Tricerack runs on nuclear fission. He needs to absorb uranium periodically to keep up his strength. Because of nuclear fission Tricerack's cells regenerate, but at a slow rate.

Ranged Combat: Tricerack only has one ranged attack. He can release a nuclear shockwave, throwing his enemies to the ground. The diameter of the shockwave depends on the amount of energy Tricerack has stored.

Grappling: Tricerack is an excellent grappler. He grabs his opponents by the head and hammer fist them repeatedly. He also grapples them and tackles them to the ground.

Melee Combat: Tricerack is primarily a brawler. He prefers fist fights. Swiftly he pummels his opponents like a pro boxer, and throws spiked elbows to cut into the skin. One of his strongest melee attacks is his horn charge. Which he usually starts the battle with. He bends low and charges, horns forward. Tail slam is another attack he likes to frequently use. Tricerack's main weapon attack is also a melee attack...horn katana. His horns glow green and he slashes at his opponents dealing great damage.

Weaknesses: Even though Tricerack is tough, quick and agile his strikes don't pack a serious punch. Only one of four strikes usually inflict any serious damage. His determination is what keeps him in the fight. Tricerack is also very weak against psychological attacks.







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