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Height 82 meters
Weight 74,000 metric tons
Gender Hermaphrodite plant
Combat Style Control (Drain)
Primary Attacks Vine Lash
Secondary Attacks Tail Lash, Bite
Primary Weapon Seed Cannon
Secondary Weapon Seed Blast, Digestive Acid
Energy Style Parasitic

Overview: A giant, mutant plant that craves for kaiju blood and used mimicry to construct a fake body.

Origin: Ultracularia is the mutation of a kind of carnivorous plant known as utricularia. Scientists believe that the radioactive blood of a mutant kaiju infected the pond in which an utricularia specimen was growing, transforming it into Ultracularia. The new species developed intelligence, and a hunger for more kaiju blood. It gathered dirt, rocks and rubble and built with its sprouts a fake body resembling a kaiju outline, in order to use it as a bait to lure naïve monsters into a fight to suck its energy. During her rampage, Ultracularia soon encountered a mechanical foe and was incapable of draining blood, discovering the ability to absorb eletricity and convert into energy.

Energy: The mutated plant can't recover energy in battle without draining it from outside sources. Using the Seed Cannon, Ultracularia can shoot seeds that burrow on the enemy's skin, flesh or any other material and starts to bloom, sapping their power source and transfering it into her main body. The flowers wither and die after a short duration and can be destroyed with heat or cold attacks.

Weakness: Because of its constitution, Ultracularia is a slow kaiju. Furthermore, its ranged attacks don't cause imediate damage, thus making it a kaiju vulnerable to faster enemies.

Melee Combat: Ultricularia is bulky and heavy and can use those attributes in melee combat. Its moves are slow, but have a great range, due to the expansive tail and lash built of vines.

Ranged Combat: Seed Cannon is Ultricularia's main ranged weapon and can launch fertile seeds that blossom into bloodsucking flowers on the body of the enemies. It can also use the cannon to shot a spread wave of seeds in a shotgun-like motion. As a secondary weapon, Ultracularia can expel a stream of digestive acid to melt the defenses of the opponent and cause damage over time.

Grappling: Because of its dirt and rock body, Ultricularia is very heavy and hard to lift. It can use its vines to tangle the opponent and the head flower to bite them and drain their health and energy.

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