Height 70 meters
Weight 40,000 metric tons
Gender Male
Title Scion of the Thunderbird
Combat Style Melee/Ranged
Primary Attacks Clawed hands, Clawed feet, Teeth
Secondary Attacks Quilled tail, Aerial attacks
Primary Weapon Electric shock, Lightning Storm
Secondary Weapon Electrically Charged Quills, Lightning Shield
Energy Style Elemental Affinity: Electricity
Creator G&G-Fan


Velocity is a Dromaeosaurus that was resurrected by mystical forces in order to take over the mantle of the legendary Thunderbird.


Long ago, Native Americans worshipped a being known as the Thunderbird, a giant bird said to control storms. Although modern science considers the creature a myth, the Thinderbird was in fact, a real creature, a descendant of teratorns given magical powers by the Earth itself to serve as a guardian of Earth. Whenever the bird dies, it's consciousness transfers into another bird of prey, which will continue it's legacy. When the Thunderbird finally died after centuries of defending Earth it decided to transfer its consciousness into the fossil of a Dromaeosaurus who died protecting its family from predators. The transference was successful, and the raptor was resurrected with the powers of the Thunderbird, tasked to defend the Earth, while also trying to keep his more violent raptor side at bay. However, Velocity is not a gaurdian of humanity, only of the Earth, and as mankind has started to destroy the Earth, Velocity's actions towards this issue may be disastrous for humanity.

Energy SystemEdit

Velocity gains energy from electrical events and attacks, meaning even his weapon attacks can boost his energy.

Ranged CombatEdit

Velocity can fire a spark of lightning from his mouth, which is primarily for stunning the opponent, summon a lightning storm, which hits all over the environment, and fire electrically charged quills from his tail. As a defensive technique, he can also form a shield made of lightning to protect him from both melee and ranged attacks, but it drains his energy must faster than his other weapon attacks.


Velocity deals great damage during grappling, and can even grab the opponent, fly away with it, and drop it. He is light and can be lifted by opponents easily.

Melee CombatEdit

Velocity has claws on his hands, razor sharp teeth, and even the characteristic "killing claw" that belongs to many members of the Dromaeosaur family. He also has a quilled tail, along with the ability to fly and perform aerial attacks as another affect of his transformation.


Velocity does not take damage well, and he can easily be knocked from the sky in flight. He also has no defense against beam or heat based attacks. Also, his Lightning Shield, his only major defense against attacks, drains his energy.

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