This article is under construction to remove strange and out of place things like that crocodile and replace it with something better or to add information. So don't delete it if a stub until two months from now. That was some baad grammar.

The Vendetta Drago (Revenge Dragon) Gender: Male Species: The Undead Dragon Faction: Evil, Deadly Element: Death, Fire Title: The Dragon of Revenge, Reapers Pet. Weight: 65,000 Metric Tons (Can Change) Height: 80,000 Meters (Can Change) Energy Style/Type: Death, Souls, Bones. Combat Style: Magic and Melee. Looks: A large Skeleton of a bipedal Dragon. Wings are skeletal but made of green fire. He has a large emerald gem where his heart would be. Sig Move(s): Emerald Hyper Blast - Shoots a ball of Emerald Green Fire, that explodes on contact into a fiery blaze. Melee: Uses claws and tail trident as well as teeth. Ranged: Breathes Emerald green fire from mouth or throws balls of fire. Extra things: Possibly a large scythe made of bone but still deciding. Armor: Bones. Pure bones. Regenerates limbs when they are cut off. Healing: Healing is part of his energy type. If he absorbs souls or bones he can heal Looks: Humanoid Skull Dragon, wings made of green fire. Possibly a scythe? Let me know if yes or no.

Origin: Jackson, a man who's family was murdered, seeks revenge and power to become stronger so he can kill the murderer. He travels everywhere, trying to figure out how he can get his revenge. His decision was to resurrect his family and kill the murderer together. He travels to the underworld, and finds an amulet. The amulet is ancient, but still quite pleasing. He puts on the amulet and suddenly, the emerald in the center begins to glow. He is killed by its power in an underworld graveyard. 10 years later, after the murderer was found and everyone stopped looking for Jackson, A large beast rises out of Southern California, San Diego, where Jackson was last seen and his family was killed at. This beast is made entirely out of bone, and attacks San Diego. The city is left in half wreckage, as the beast stopped mid wreck and went back into the pit it came from. Skullfur is what survivors called this beast, on account of his fire abilities and menacing skull. Skullfur waits in order for time to strike against the humans again.. waiting every second.

That is this new Kaiju I made.. Skullfur, the revenge dragon. So yeah, comment and stuff. Hope you like him.

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