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Height: 62 metres.

Weight: 27,500 metric tonnes. Gender: Male. Combat Style: Melee/Charging. Primary Attacks: Claws, Tusks. Secondary Attacks: Diamondback. Primary Weapon: Sun Light Secondary Weapons: Charging Energy Style: Fury


Zathorn is a mole, covered in sparkling blue diamonds, all over his back and feet and mouth, forming spikes, claws and tusks. The rest of his body is large and white, covered with thick fur.


Zathorn used to be a normal mole, having taken residence in an abandoned mine shaft. This was fine for him, until a nearby Nuclear Energy Plant coincidentally decided this shaft would be perfect for a new dumping sight for their waste. When poured through the shaft, this waste washed over Zathorn, growing him to Kaiju-like sizes. The shaft's diamonds, however, were also absorbed, making them part of Zathorn's body. This turned Zathorn into a giant mole, with diamonds all over him. Now he roams the Earth, terminating all threats to his home and non-kaiju brethren, the moles! Sort of like a mole guardian. Energy System

Zathorn gains energy from melee attacks. If he charges enough, he can launch his devastating 'sun beam' at his enemies.

Ranged CombatEdit

Zathorn is not a very competent fighter at range, but he can use weak but long range quill attacks to disorientate, setting the enemy up for a charge. In dire situations, however, he can reflect light from the diamonds to shoot a beam of light at the enemies, dealing massive damage.


Grappling is Zathorn's weakest point, although he can surprise the enemy with light, to continue with melee attacks.

Melee CombatEdit

Zathorn's melee combat will leave enemy kaijus in the dust. His attacks are swift and brutal. Zathorn is also very competent at chaining combos, which make him truly devastating at close range.


Zathorn has many weaknesses, for he is very defenseless at long range, and is incompetent at evading grapples.

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